Compass Associates - Employee of the Quarter - Franklin Brown Employee of the Quarter - Franklin is holding his trophy and and shaking hands with Compass Associates Director Stuart Cousins for a photo

Franklin Brown wins Employee of the Quarter Q2 2023!


Congratulations to Franklin Brown for being awarded Employee of the Quarter! 

Franklin has received this award due to his outstanding work ethic during the second quarter of the 2023/24 financial year. He is one of Compass Associates’ Managing Consultants within the Specialist Care division. 

Franklin joined Compass Associates at the end of 2021 as a Trainee Consultant and in that time has progressed to becoming a Managing Consultant. He now manages a team of two and is a valued member of the Specialist Care team.

The Compass Directors look at the work ethic and achievements of all colleagues throughout each quarter and make a decision on who the Employee of the Quarter Award will be given to. 

Why Franklin was awarded Employee of the Quarter for Q2 2023/24 

Chris Russell, Compass Associates Co-Founder and Director commented: 

“Franklin has been in the business for only 2 years next month and has just had a blockbuster Q2 and finished H1 at 164% of target, which is a fantastic achievement. Before all this, Franklin was promoted to Managing Consultant for the Specialist Care Division last January when he was still in his first full financial year in the business.

Since then, not only has he billed tremendously well he has also done a brilliant job looking after both Jordanna Osborn (most interviews in Specialist Care last quarter) and Luke Shaw who is just behind him in the billings chart.

Franklin is already 99% of target YTD and a whole 2 quarters at 25% commission! Well done, Franklin!”

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