Compass Associates - Core Values Awards trophies

Compass Associates wins four CRS Core Value Awards 2023


At the end of each financial year, Compass presents our internal Core Value Awards. Nominations for these awards are open to all employees within all CRS brands. This year, four out of the seven Core Values Award categories were won by people within the Compass Associates teams for their contributions to each of their respective divisions over the past year.

This event sees us bring both our Portsmouth and Manchester together to hold the internal Core Values Awards presentation at our annual End of Year Conference.

What are the Compass Core Value Awards?

The Core Value Awards are based on our brand values and are presented to employees of all Compass brands, based on nominations from employees and recognition for their overall performance. The  Senior Leadership Team then meet to determine the winners of our Core Values Awards.

Compass Associates - Core Values Awards - winner Christian Hannam

Teamwork category WINNER: Christian Hannam  

Christian is a regular when it comes to this category and has been nominated several times by his peers across multiple divisions. Christian can often be found offering guidance, passing leads or providing market insights to consultants across relevant divisions, as well as regularly going above and beyond his day-to-day responsibilities. 

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Delivery of Service category WINNER: Louise Holmes  

After winning the rising star award last year, Louise has continued her consistency and delivery with several clients. Her stats speak for themselves; An average of 2.7 interviews per week and a 94.9% interview attendance, which is a testament to the excellent service Louise delivers to her clients, made all the more impressive considering its her first year in recruitment. 

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Compass Associates - Core Values Awards - winner Gavin Fox

Professionalism & Integrity category WINNER: Gavin Fox

This is Gavin’s second year being nominated in this category, and is highly deserving of this. In a tricky sector, navigating the interim market with the most demanding of candidates and clients, Gavin’s professionalism and integrity remain at the forefront of the service he provides. These qualities are mirrored internally and are an attribute Gavin should be extremely proud of. 

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Compass Associates - Core Values Awards - winner Natasha Isaac

Entrepreneurial Spirit category WINNER: Natasha Isaac

Joining the business with experience gave Natasha a kickstart in recruitment, and whilst there were several ready made desks to work on, Tash decided to develop her own. Embracing a Physio desk which was historically under-developed with c£50k annual revenues, Tash immersed herself in the sector, winning an abundance of new clients resulting in £160k of new business, and future growth for the northern office. 

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A well deserved congratulations to all nominees and winners for all their hard work over the past year!

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