Compass Associates partnered with one of the most recognised names in the Private Equity backed Elderly Care space to support a number of Managing Director hires for their Northern and Scottish regions as part of an exclusive Senior Leadership Team build.

Following a number of new executive hires to the Board, the Elderly Care provider were looking to bring fresh talent into the business, who would be responsible for ensuring the people management – and chiefly retention of staff within their dedicated territories – would reduce turnover, and instil security within the homes.

Compass Associates had a strong pre-existing relationship with the client, and had been approached more than once to support with senior mandates with previous hires – and were considered the go-to agency for Regional Director level and above hires, such was the trust in the team’s ability to deliver exceptional talent into the business.

The client had stipulated that they were looking for absolutely exceptional candidates who had previously operated across regions with high levels of responsibility. They would be expected to focus on retaining staff in the business from top-down, and be able to reduce the volume of hires outstanding in their respective territories.

The first stage interview process involved a meeting with the Executive Director, before a split meeting with the Chief Executive Officer, and Chair, then the Quality Director and Finance Director, was part of the second stage meeting. The final stage involved a meet-and-greet with the ED at a number of the sites in their portfolio. First time hires were made in all cases, with the successful appointees having gone into the business and had immediate positive effect.

Elderly Care

Tom Berrisford (MREC CertRP)

Associate Director - Senior Appointments (North)

Compass Associates - elderly couple looking at each other and holding hands with their backs to the camera, walking in a park/green areaCompass Associates - Two people are sat at a table. One of them is a young lady and one is an elderly lady. They both look happy and smiling, with the young lady showing the other lady a laptop. They also have coffee cups on the table.