Dane Pryor - Consultant - Compass Associates

Dane Pryor (AREC)

Consultant - Clinical (South)

Dane's Bio

Dane recently joined Compass in early 2024, bringing over 7 years of extensive experience in sales and a solid background in the Health & Social Care sector, particularly in Elderly Care and Learning Disabilities. This background provides him with a deep understanding of the sector and the challenges it faces. At Compass Associates, Dane specialises in working on a clinical desk across all Specialist Care sectors including Mental Health, Complex Care, Substance Misuse, Adult & Children’s Social Care. 

His typical assignments include Mental Health Nurses, Complex Care Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Psychologists, CBT Therapists.  

Dane’s attentive and thorough approach enables him to gather detailed briefs and provide a high level of customer service. He aims not only to fill vacancies but also to offer advisory support for future hiring decisions, helping organisations make long-term hires.