Compass Associates were exclusively mandated for an extensive team-build project for a newly created residential adolescent clinic.

Compass Associates has worked with this provider’s Clinical Director for over ten years and has supported them both as a candidate and while working for numerous clients. This particular time, they had recently changed jobs so our consultants reached out to see how they were doing in their new role and if we could support them in any way. The Clinical Director mentioned that the provider was due to open a new site for a residential adolescent clinic for 14-18-year-olds suffering from mental health conditions.

Given the significance of this endeavour, a substantial team needed to be assembled to ensure the clinic’s ability to accommodate and care for the projected number of children. The Clinical Director expressed a strong desire to collaborate exclusively with Compass Associates on this project, citing their consistent satisfaction with the level of service and expertise we have consistently demonstrated both as a client and a candidate.

The client displayed a flexible approach in terms of the candidates’ backgrounds, emphasising the importance of candidates possessing a valid DBS check and a minimum of one year of experience working with children with mental health conditions. This criterion was established to ensure that successful candidates could seamlessly integrate into their roles without any unexpected challenges. Consequently, Compass Associates diligently sourced a diverse range of candidates with relevant experience in areas such as Special Educational Needs (SEN), teaching, the National Health Service (NHS), law enforcement, social services, foster care, children’s homes, assistant psychology, and school coaching. Each candidate was carefully selected to ensure they possessed experience in adolescent mental health.

To date, Compass Associates has provided 80 candidates with 38 currently successfully placed and having started or due to start. All interviews have been conducted with a one-stage process due to the quick turnaround of staff required. The only exception to this process was for candidates requiring relocation, who underwent an initial online interview before proceeding to a face-to-face interview.

The Consultants alongside our Business Support Team have provided an in-depth process and customer service not just through their search for candidates, but also their ongoing support around onboarding.

Candidate testimonials

“Luke was very helpful. He was very communicative and knowledgeable about the role and was able to answer my questions and follow up those he didn’t have the answers.  He updated me on a weekly basis. At the beginning I was unsure that I was qualified for the role, but Luke gave me the information and encouragement to go for it and I ended up getting the job. I would highly recommend Luke.”

Irina Allan-Burns – Mental Health Coach

Lijani was amazing from the very start until now, he kept me informed at all times, gave me loads of information to prepare for the interview and checked in with me before and after, which was a really nice touch. He is amazing and a real asset to your team!

Nicole Wells – Mental Health Coach

“It has been a pleasure working with you throughout this process. Thank you so much for all your help and support. Your support and kindness have made this journey to become a Mental Health Coach a wonderful experience. I greatly appreciate your friendliness and professionalism. I wish you all the best!”

Anna Hulok – Mental Health Coach

“I just wanted to share my experience with Luke Shaw. I was moving from the North of England to the south of England when I received a message from Luke. Luke was recruiting people for a youth clinic and had come across my CV. Luke had a great understanding of my situation and worked around me to secure an interview for me for when I moved down south. Every week, Luke touched base with me to make sure I knew the whole recruitment process, what was happening next. He also answered any questions I had in mind. I appreciate everything Luke has done for me. I wish you all the best for your future, Luke!“

Jamie Mcnulty – Mental Health Coach

Specialist Care

Jon Burke (MREC)

Director of Behavioral Health (US)