Compass Associates were mandated with a Consultant CAMHS Psychiatrist & Medical Director hire for a private equity backed provider of mental health services across the whole of the UK, in a business-critical hire for the business.

Following a recent leaver occupying the role, the provider had tried to recruit the role internally, but with no initial success. Compass Associates approached the senior leadership team to outline their credentials to work the vacancy. The team were able to demonstrate strong understanding of the complex children’s mental health sector and outline a strong network within the inpatient CAMHS hospital arena, and were consequently mandated with the hire.

There were a number of key considerations the team had to be mindful during the recruitment process: it was important that the successful candidate would be an experienced CAMHS professional operating at a clinical level, and would also be a registered Psychiatrist leading a team; providing mentoring, supporting therapy teams, and would be looking to step-up into a medical director role.

Given the challenging nature of the brief, Compass Associates conducted a thorough search of the market identifying appropriate profiles which matched the needs of the client. A highly capable individual was found mirroring the requirements of the business, and was submitted, interviewed and offered all under a timescale of less than six weeks.

Specialist Care

Lynette Robb (MREC CertRP)

Divisional Lead – AHP

Compass Associates - A support group of people having a discussion. One person is standing up talking, four people are sat down listening with one of them taking notes on a clipboardCompass Associates - Support group discussion with five people sat in a circle. One person has their back to the camera and another person has their hand on their shoulder in a supportive stance