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Understanding Dementia in the Community

17th June 2015

On Friday 12th June, Compass Associates invited local Dementia Champion Caroline, to come and give an information session about Dementia to the Care Home Division.Dementia Awareness Admiral House

Given that the Division’s expertise is within the elderly healthcare sector, we felt it would be beneficial to help develop the team’s understanding of Dementia, not just clinically but also from a human perspective.

All staff found the session engaging and learnt about what it would be like to have and live with Dementia.


Rachel Kraan of Major Accounts said “The Dementia Awareness talk was very informative from a work and personal aspect.

During the session, I learnt that there are many different types and side effects of Dementia that many in the UK and even myself  are not aware of.  I’d encourage anyone to become a ‘Dementia Friend’.  You can help someone living with Dementia in their day to day life.

I also found that I became very emotional, as it makes you think about your close family and friends, where a lot of people don’t know that it doesn’t just affect the elderly and how they may forget who you are but they will always remember their feelings for you.  An excellent session and I highly recommend that everyone should become a ‘Dementia Friend’”.

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