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Mental Health Awareness Week

22nd May 2020

Cassie Pay Headshot Nov 2012 websiteAs the end of Mental Health Awareness week (18th-24th May 2020) approaches,   Cassie Pay, HR Manager (and Mental Health First Aider) shares what the company have been doing:

Mental Health Awareness week seems an appropriate time to reflect on the changes that have impacted us over the last few months. As the world adapts around us “kindness”, this years’ theme, seems more relevant than ever. In these unprecedented times we are pleased to see that Compass Associates has not let remote working affect our culture, values, or sense of community.

Kindness in a remote workplace can take many forms and can sometimes requires a dedication of more time than needed in an office environment. We have made it our mission to offer as many opportunities for kindness as possible, opportunities that have been embraced across the business.

As always employee wellbeing and engagement is at the forefront of our concerns and therefore, in a bid to offer continuity, we have adapted our award giving process in order to recognise the achievements of our employees – including the recent “Best Newcomer 2019/20” announcement. Keep an eye out next week for our annual Core Value winners.

Communication is also thought to be integral to a positive mind set, to this end we have implemented a variety of positive initiatives aimed at encouraging conversations across the group.

We have created cross team “reach out” groups which give an outlet for sharing concerns and successes both personally and professionally. We have hosted endless quizzes, companywide and in teams, which have provided some much needed light relief and sparked some classic consultant rivalries. And our internal “Compass Catch Ups” have allowed us to celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries as normal but also have a nose at what we have all been getting up to outside of work during lockdown. Safe to say we are not immune to “pandemic-baking”, lockdown has turned out to be the perfect excuse to show off and not have to share!

Our mental health first aiders and employee assistance program offers a more formal approach to employee wellbeing, but it is heartening to see employees take mental health awareness into their own hands and proactively seek ways to inject kindness into their colleagues day.

As they say, in a world when you can be anything, be kind.

For more information and advice on Mental Health, visit:

Cassie Pay, HR Manager and Mental Health First Aider