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Compass partners with The Transforming Autism Project

4th September 2017

Compass Holding Group is excited to announce that we have partnered with The Transforming Autism Project to help source a number of volunteers to join this fantastic charitable organisation.

The Transforming Autism Project is a brand new charity embarking in the start-up phase of development, creating a great opportunity for volunteers to help shape, influence and make a huge difference as it moves forward.

Their mission is to revolutionise public and professional understanding of autism globally and to empower people with autism to be recognised for, and to live to, their true and full potential through:

1. Promoting awareness, and to provide the means and proof of this through their Mifne Clinic in the South East of England;

2. To provide inspiration, and practical support for families, schools and others in order to achieve a transformation in their children’s quality of life.

The Transforming Autism Project is unique in the busy world of charities related to Autism: early signs of autism are rarely acknowledged; there is little effective treatment available in early years; and there is little comprehensive guidance for parents after diagnosis. It is because of this that they are the only organisation focusing primarily on Early Detection, Early Diagnosis and Early Intervention.

It is through this focus on unlocking potential through Early Intervention that The Transforming Autism Project will be opening their Mifne Clinic – derived from the Hebrew word for ‘turning point’ – to treat young Autistic children using the pioneering and transformative Mifne method.

Developed over 30 years at the Mifne Centre in Israel, where the organisation takes its roots, the method involves creating a calm, safe and interesting environment around the child that evokes their natural interest in interacting with the world and with other people, from which they start to derive fulfilment. This builds confidence and self-belief in the child to fortify them throughout their future lives to manage themselves and negotiate the world.

Founder, Guy Shahar, presented a TED Talk about the need to foster an environment of trust and love around Autistic children.

Compass Holding Group are proud to be providing the recruitment of volunteers across a number of functions at this ambitious charity start-up, with the three Compass brands – Associates, Executives and Corporate Services – looking to speak to volunteers for the following:

Compass Associates:

  • Director of Operations
  • Director of Delivery
  • Director of Outreach

Compass Executives:

  • Chair
  • Clinical Trustee (Autism Specialist)
  • Treasurer

Compass Corporate Services:

  • Volunteer Manager
  • Head of Fundraising
  • Facilities Manager

Compass Holding Group’s respective brands will be releasing further information about each individual position during this week – keep an eye on our Twitter and Linked In pages.