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RPO & Master Vendorship

What is RPO ?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing and related services involve Compass Associates acting as a fully outsourced human resource function to our clients.

Industry research shows that an increasing number of companies define RPO as a key differentiator within their business. As the market continues to expand, RPO providers are building increased functionalities into their technology platforms to provide end-to-end, employee life cycle solutions. Implementing an RPO solution enables a company to operate more productively and efficiently by managing the strategic, tactical and administrative elements of the recruitment process.

Strategic Advantages
An external RPO solution makes sense because it allows your company’s HR department to focus on strategic initiatives, leverage its core competencies, and reduce human capital expenses. Bringing this capability in-house may be too costly whereas working with an RPO provider gives your company the ability to leverage their expertise, cost-efficiencies, industry best practices and other economies of scale to improve the recruitment process

As an RPO partner we act as both recruitment consultants and as a management function responsible for the recruitment process in its entirety. In this capacity we can act as a Master Vendor.

Master Vendorship involves selecting and maintaining suitable partnership agreements with other consultancies and managing the recruitment effort on your behalf.

How You Gain
Immediate gains when using Compass Associates as your RPO or Master Vendor include:

  • Reduced administration costs due to one point of contact and one invoice point
  • Reduced cost per hire
  • One point of accountability
  • The same Terms of Business for all members of staff
  • Compass Associates acts as a quality filter – only the best candidates are put forward
  • Greater candidate sourcing and more streamlined process / high standards maintained
  • Volume discounts offered
  • Consistency due to a successful working relationship between the client and Compass
    Associates as RPO provider

A Recruitment Process Outsourcing agreement can be especially beneficial for clients, as Compass Associates acts as a Master Vendor for the procurement and administration for all your permanent resources, representing huge cost and time savings.

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing is delivered by Compass Associates management consultants and incorporates all our areas of human capital management expertise, such as advertising, staff management software and recruitment campaigns.

For further information on this beneficial service please contact us on 02392 384 555 and ask to speak to a Luke Osborne, Group Development Director.